Hair Wash Challenge

Sorry about the delay in blog posts, I have been working on this blog topic for about two months and I finally have my results to write about!! I really hope you guys enjoy the post!! Let me know if you try the challenge and what your results are!

So recently, I have been seeing a lot of bloggers challenging themselves to wash their hair less. This practice has intrigued me for a while, since I saw a roommate of mine do it back when I was in college. Her hair always looked amazing and I always wondered how she got it to look like that. I was always envious of her hair, and I wanted to see if I started washing my hair less, if my hair would start to look better as well.

Everyone has their own system of how they set up a schedule for washing their hair. So the very first thing you have to do is find something that works for you. I did a lot of research before I actually started this. Finding out what shampoos to use, whether or not to use dry shampoo, how often to style, should you air dry or blow dry, etc. And honestly the answers to all those questions are whatever your own preference is. In the winter I prefer Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo. I am not in love with dry shampoo, but I use it when I need to. Style as much as you want, or as little as you want! I prefer to air dry my hair, but if I am going to style, I tend to blow dry. See it’s all up to you, and what you are in the mood for.

The second thing I did, is I took more notice of how my hair reacted when I washed my hair every other day like normal. On the days after I would wash my hair my hair would be so oily, I would have to throw it into a braid or a bun. Honestly, I hated it completely. So it prompted me to try this, because I had heard that if you start washing your hair less often your hair becomes less greasy and it doesn’t need to be washed as often.

So the first couple weeks of this was absolute hell for me. I started out by washing my hair every three days, when I could make it that long. It took me a couple of weeks before I could really get this into my routine. I am a pretty clean person, and I like to make sure that my hair is as clean as possible. But to keep hair healthy and strong you can’t be washing it every day or even every other day. Don’t get me wrong you can still shower, you just can’t wash your hair.

Side note: There are things you can use in your hair in between washes; you can use dry shampoo, using just conditioner, etc. I have used dry shampoo. There are a few things I don’t like about dry shampoo. Dry shampoo typically does not make your hair feel any less greasy, which I hate. It does not really help your hair look less greasy (unless you put it in your hair before it gets greasy to help prevent the greasiness). Your results really all depend on the type of dry shampoo that you use. This is not a dry shampoo review, so I will not get into which ones I like and don’t like, but if you have any you like let me know I’d love to give them a try. And, I did not try using only the conditioner, because I had only heard about it, but if you do and you like it; let me know if you think it’s worth trying!

Getting your hair used to not being washed, is literally awful. I feels oily immediately the next day and you still have to sit through another day of that feeling before you can wash it again. It felt like I was torturing myself at times. Some days I just could not do it, I had to break down and wash all my hard work down the drain, literally.

After about two to three weeks my hair started adjusting to getting washed every three days rather than every other day. I started to notice in the second week that on the second day after washing my hair it was almost like having washed my hair again that day. I was actually really amazed when that started to happen. All of my hard work was finally paying off.

After about another two weeks of this, and trying to stretch the wash out to a fourth day on the weekends when I could get away with it (mostly on Sundays when no one would be see me). My hair really started to like being washed every days. So instead of nasty oily hair every two days, my hair was now clean for at least two days sometimes three (depending on how much I could keep my hands out of my hair).

If you guys are wanting to make your washes last longer, this is seriously worth the time it takes for your hair to get used to it. It is a painful process at time, and it takes some serious adjustment, but I found that it was so worth it. And I was THE biggest skeptic as first. Don’t forget that everyone’s hair is different so that some people’s hair could take longer or shorter depending on how oily your hair is. I am so happy with the progress that my hair has been making. My looks healthier, looks shinier, and feels softer. I am finally able to style my hair more often and do what I actually want with it! All of this hard work was so worth it!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post let me know what happens when and if you guys try this out!!

–          Caroline

Update: I am now trying to stretch my hair out to a fourth day! It is sooooo hard! At least I know now that it will soon be worth it! I can already see the changes happening on day three. Even my husband was surprised when I told my hair was on day four this past weekend, and he normally makes fun of my oily hair. I promise you that with time and effort, this can completely transform your hair and make your washes last longer. Just keep your hands out of your hair!!