Studio 35 beauty’s Facial Clay Mask with Avocado & Oatmeal Review

So I kind of fell into this product by accident. I was at my local Walgreens looking for a good face mask. For some reason there was only two items to choose from, which if you shop at Walgreens is very odd. I don’t always shop there, but it was convenient at the time, and I really wanted a new face mask. I do not recall what the other mask was or why I chose this brand over the other brand, but I am going to review it anyways.

The product is Studio 35 beauty’s Facial Clay Mask with Avocado & Oatmeal.

So far I haven’t really spoken much about the packaging of any products, but with this one I feel the need to talk about it. To me this packaging is very plain, boring, and to the point. All of that aside, I would probably be okay with the packaging if it hadn’t split and formed a crack the first time I tried to use. This doesn’t really hurt me when I try to use it, but I do have to hold my finger over the spot to prevent the mask from coming out.

Now onto the product review. The mask smells really good, if you don’t like the smell of avocado (like me) this product won’t bother you too much. It actually smells pleasing. The texture of the mask is smooth and creamy. But that being said I still had a little bit of trouble applying it evenly to my face. It may be more beneficial to apply the mask with a brush rather than with your hands.

Always make sure to wash your face before applying the mask, otherwise it won’t be able to get through the natural oils on the face to work correctly. I did not wash my face, the second time I used the mask and I got very different result, than when I used it after washing my face.

So when I used the mask, after washing my face, I had a little trouble applying it, but I will try the brush next time. It does take about ten to fifteen minutes to dry like a typical mask (unless otherwise indicated on the mask’s instructions). The mask doesn’t feel too tight as it dries, I have found that other mask dry too quickly and they can be so tight that it hurts.

Taking the mask off is fairly easy, I just used a damp face towel, because I find it’s easier to get it off that way. After it is removed, I always pat my face dry to prevent any irritation to my skin. Once it’s dry I could immediately tell that my skin felt smoother and more relaxed than before. I was fairly pleased with the outcome.

Overall, I liked the mask. I hate to say it, but with this you get what you pay for, because it was under five dollars. Not a bad product, but I have used other masks that I am definitely fonder of, even though they were a little pricier. I felt like this product didn’t leave me with the smooth and relaxed feeling as long as other products have.

I would give it a two out of five stars.