My Trend Predictions for 2017

So every year I try to guess what trend might be big or come back for that year. I hate that I hate that I have never gotten a change to have a say in what a beauty trend is. This year since I have a blog, I figured I would actually write a blog about it.

Something I think is going to explode this year is glitter. (Which if it did actually explode, it would make a giant mess!) Now I know what many people think about glitter. They say that it’s tacky, it’s already popular, etc.

But there are some immerging brands and some older brands that are putting out some amazing glitter products. (You’ll be seeing some reviews and videos about some of these products as we get further into the year.) I just honestly have a feeling that glitter is going to be HUGE in 2017.

I could be completely wrong, and if I am that is okay. If it’s not huge for everyone else, it will probably still be a large part of my year. I honestly don’t even care if glitter actually becomes a trend, I just want to try and give those of us who love glitter a chance to really show it.

So if you enjoy all things glitter, help me make glitter HUGE this year!!