Ipsy Subscription Review

I have had a lot of people in my personal life ask me recently if having a subscription to Ipsy is worth it. In my opinion it is completely worth it. The start of the subscription is a little bumpy, as they get to know your preferences on products and what colors you prefer, but once they get that; your bags start becoming amazing! The key to them getting the products correct is you going on to their site, and reviewing and rating the products. If you don’t do this step they won’t know how you felt about the products you received, and they cannot tailor those products to your wants and likes.

For me personally, at first I didn’t really know that you needed to review the products. So it took about four months or so for them to really start sending products that were really tailored to my tastes. And now that they are doing that I literally cannot wait for my bag every month to see what I get next. Now I know you can go to and look at what you are getting every month before your bag comes, but I feel like that just ruins the fun of getting random products every month.

I think my favorite part of Ipsy is getting to try all these new products and brands that I have never heard of. Or a brand that I really want to try out but it’s too expensive just to go buy the whole product.

This blog is in no way sponsored by Ipsy, I just wanted to share my experience with you guys. If you are interested in trying it out definitely do. I am not even going to share my code with you so that I get points from you joining. I think as of right now there may be a wait list but definitely sign up!

If you are interested in what products I get, I do typically put up a picture of them on my Instagram and you can follow me on there @thebeautyowl. I also use those products frequently in my videos!

I also want to announce in this blog that I am going to start vlogging, so you may start seeing those videos soon as well!

Hope you guys enjoyed the blog! Please comment below, or comment on my Instagram, twitter, or youtube I sincerely love hearing from you guys!!!

–          Caroline