Waxing VS. Threading

I am one of those people, who has a very difficult time keeping up with my brows. I guess I just don’t look at them very often, and they grow out very quickly. So, one day they are groomed, and the next thing I know a month has gone by without any grooming. I swear I own a pair of tweezers!

I’ve gotten my eyebrows waxed quite a few times, but I have never gotten my eyebrows threaded until recently. I just have to write this about my experience. SO many women and men avoid getting their brows done because it just plain hurts. I am not writing this to say that threading hurts any less than waxing. Because it doesn’t. It actually hurts more in my opinion. I am writing this so that in case you have never had one of these done, you can be more informed. Or at least maybe get a laugh.

Let’s start with waxing. The price tends to vary from salon to salon, typically costing $10-$15 plus tip. In my experience, the only place to really get any waxing done is at a nail salon or a spa. Mostly nail salons. you walk in, say what you want, and they take you to a room in the back. All pretty easy and straightforward. For me, waxing is typically quick and has minimal pain. The only problem I have with getting my brows waxed is that they never ask me how I want my brows shaped or how much hair I want to be removed. The ladies usually just get to it. And me being the introvert that I am, I never speak up. I just let them do their thing, usually taking half of my brows with them. Some women look great with thin brows, but I happen to love having thicker brows. I don’t want to remove them, just to fill them in with the product.

Now on the threading. The price for my local shop was only $11 plus tip. In my opinion that price very reasonable. This was a completely different experience in my case. The only place I know of to get this done, is at my local mall, right down from Sephora. It a big open kiosk, where people can just walk past and see everything that happens. No privacy at all! Which was definitely odd and hard for me. I felt like I had the same problem here as I do at the nail salon. The lady just sat me down and started going to work. She trimmed my brows first, then she started in on my brows. This took a good five to ten minutes. Or maybe it was the pain that made it seem longer. I don’t know if it was because my brows were so thick or what but getting this done hurt so bad! I have to admit that my eyebrows look lit. I would definitely get them done again, despite the pain.


Waxing                             Brows

Pain: x

Price:                                           x

Time: x

Experience:                                 x


So that is a straight up tie!! Be sure to let me know which you guys prefer!

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