Flawless Mineral Foundation Ultimate Oil Control Fair from KMS Mineral Essentials

This is my first company, that I am working with, who has sent me free products. I want to be completely upfront and transparent with how I get my products and how I review them. Most products that I review, have been purchased and paid for out of my own pocket. So even though I am receiving this from a company for free, it will not affect how I review the product. I will still be 100% honest with my opinions.
So, let’s get on with the review. KMS is all about having natural beautiful looking skin. All of their products are 100% natural. They are free of irritants, talc, fragrance, gluten, and parabens. That makes this company different than many of the other companies who put out mineral foundations. Their products are great for all skin types, but especially those who suffer from acne and sensitive skin. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The packaging is very simple, but simple in a good way. Right now, I am really loving the simplistic makeup packaging. When companies spend less on the packaging, they can spend more of the money on the product. That being said, while the packaging is simple, it is sturdy and I don’t have to worry about it breaking in my makeup bag.
The product is extremely easy to apply. Just use a foundation or kabuki brush, swirl the product in the lid, and apply to the desired coverage amount. They sent me this specific foundation because I struggle with oily skin. This can really affect how my makeup sits throughout the day, how long it will last, and how quickly I want to just wipe my face off. With this foundation, it does help with oil control and doesn’t irritate my skin like other foundations do. I have found that in the past week that I have been wearing this, my skin does look noticeably clearer. And because the packaging is so conveniently sized, I can take it to work with me and touch up as needed and receive additional oil control.
I am really happy with this mineral foundation, and it has become the foundation that I wear daily.
If you guys are interested in checking KMS Mineral Essentials out:
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