How to Color Correct

Color correcting can kind of seem like a step in your makeup process that may seem unnecessary, but for some people, it is essential for flawless makeup. I wanted to go over the steps to color correcting for those of you who need the information or just in case you wanted a refresher. I hope you enjoy it!


Green: Helps hide redness. If you are a person who has an overall red or pink tint, you can mix a little bit of the green in with your primer.


Lavender/purple: Covers sallowness; also brightens and corrects yellow tones.


Peach: Helps hide dark circles or spots, especially blue-hued circles. It is mostly used to hide the eyes’ signs of fatigue.


Yellow: Helps hide dull skin or purple hued dark circles. Also helps gives the skin a more natural glowing look.


Pink: Helps conceal dark areas of the skin, especially for fair skin. Can also be used to brighten dull skin or even out the skin tone.


There are many different explanations on how to color correct, but I hope this will work as a good overview for you guys! I hope to at one point soon post a video on how I personally color correct!

If you have any comments or suggestion for further posts let me know!

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