Favorite Winter Activities


In honor of the first day of Winter, I have compiled a short list of my favorite winter/Christmas activities. I just wish it would snow where I live!

  • Decorating our Christmas tree.
    • This is my absolute favorite thing to do during the Christmas season. I love getting creative with the ornament placements and the other decorations. It always feel like an achievement when it looks perfectly balanced.
  • Drinking hot chocolate by the fire.
    • There is nothing more romantic than cuddling up on front of a roaring fireplace and sipping on some delicious hot chocolate. Hot chocolate has to be my favorite warm drink in the winter, usually in the summer too.
  • Looking at Christmas lights.
  • Watching Christmas movies.
  • Baking.
    • I will bake cookies, pies, cakes, or pretty much anything sweet! Nothing makes me happier than baking some delicious treats to share with my friends and family.
    • Below, are the cookies I made using Joanna Gaines’ amazing cookie recipe. Follow the link to make them too:

  • Playing in the snow.
    • If only we could get some! I long to throw Spock into a snow bank! He loves snow even more than I do.


Thank you for reading! Please comment with some of your favorite winter activities.


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